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Map My Environment is a living data visualization portal for environmental soil, dust, or water pollution in cities around the world. In every city where community-member scientists and locally-invested researchers are actively collaborating, you can view pollution data to inform your choices and empower your actions.

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To date, more than 39 cities in 15 countries are actively participating in this effort. You can view urban environmental data from these cities within our global map, or one of our Spotlight Cities below. If you don't see your city listed and want to know how to get started, or simply want to collaborate within an existing city project, please let us know. Getting started is easy!

Spotlight Cities

Each Spotlight City uses unique visualizations and interactive storytelling to highlight deeper aspects of urban environmental pollution.

Visit spotlight cities using the boxes below.


Indianapolis, USA

Map My Indy

Explore how concentrations of environmental contaminants can change across a city or even on a single property. 


Newcastle, UK

Map My Newcastle

This spotlight on Newcastle, UK explores air quality within a vibrant modern city using a data collected by the Newcastle Urban Observatory monitoring network. While initially designed to display relative risk from outdoor air quality metrics, the application will soon expand to explore spatial patterns of indoor air quality as well.


Sydney, AUS

Map My Sydney

Explore how environmental contaminants in urban soil and household dust are often connected, and how sometimes they are not.


Melbourne, AUS

Map My Melbourne

Explore how environmental contaminants in urban soil and household dust are often connected, and how sometimes they are not.

Coming Soon


Canada Dust Study

Map My Canada

This spotlight displays the efforts of the Canadian House Dust Study (CHDS) to create a robust, nationally representative, baseline estimate for lead and other chemical constituents of settled dust in urban Canadian homes. The data were collected from 1,025 homes across various Canadian provinces.

You and Your Environment


Throughout your lifetime, the environment around you plays a significant role in your health. It includes the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the dirt under your feet. If your genome is the genetic material you're born with, your exposome is the environmental exposure that happens to you along the way.

Principal Investigators

Mark Patrick Taylor

Professor of Environmental Science at Macquarie University

Gabe Filippelli

Professor of Earth Sciences at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Jane Entwistle

Professor of Applied Geochemistry and Health at Northumbria University

Kin Fai Ho

Associate Professor of Public Health at The Chinese University of Hong Kong