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Map My Environment relies on global and regional community-science projects. To contribute, click the links below to learn more about each project, register, and see how you can submit samples.

All projects are free!

360 Dust Analysis

Identify contaminants in your household dust. Focusing efforts on detecting dangerous levels of lead.

The largest household dust research project ever attempted, the 360 Dust Analyisis project is an ongoing effort by concerned community scientists and locally invested researchers to map urban household contaminants in numerous cities around the globe.

Target region(s): Global

Home Biome

Exploring the chemical, physical, and biological aspects of the indoor ecosystem.

The Home Biome project is exploring the interaction between microbes and contaminants in the fastest growing biome on planet Earth ... the inside of our homes!

Target region(s): Global


Identify soil contaminants in your home's yard and garden.

Legacy metal contamination is a global concern for urban outdoor environmental quality, safe urban gardening, and even contaminants within indoor dust. The Vegesafe project has analyzed tens of thousands of soil samples from across Oceania, and more are processed each week.

Target region(s): Oceania

The Anthropocenes Network: Urban Lead Testing

A community science project seeking to detail the impact of urban lead contamination in Indianapolis, and its impact on at-risk communities and their cultural history.

Built upon a collaboration between local faith leaders, community organizers, and academic researchers, the project seeks to become a model for civic-driven science within at-risk communities.

**Participation by invitation only at this time!**

Target region(s): Indianapolis, IN