Collecting Samples

The perfect dust sample with Isabella

How to collect dust:

  1. Open your vacuum in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Remove the vacuum bag/debris reservoir.
  3. Put the bag/debris into two sealed bags and a mailing envelope.
  4. Mail it to your country's analysis lab.

See the video for full details!

Visit the 360 Dust Analysis website to find a lab near you!

Soil strategies with Chioh

 How to collect soil:

  1. Choose a study site, and record the address.
  2. Establish gutter line, field, and street locations for a home plot. For an empty plot, establish the four corners and center of the plot.
  3. Collect three samples from each location in the plot. Mix all three for each location, and put them into sealed, labelled bags.
  4. Mail the samples to your local testing site.

See the video for full details!

Click here for a sampling guide PDF!