Know Your Exposome

What is An Exposome?

To better quantify environmental influences on health, researchers have begun using an exposome approach, which considers every last environmental exposure an individual experiences over a lifetime. Your exposome includes everything from childhood secondhand smoke, to soil contaminants incorporated into fruits and vegetables, to the dust in your home.

You can be exposed to urban contaminants anywhere, even in your home. In fact, the average person stays within confined spaces for over 90% of their day. Knowing where and how you spend your time is important to understand your overall exposome.


The Dirt On Dirt

You may not consider the soil around your home a potential source of contamination within your exposome. In fact, the soil around us, and how we interact with it, has a major impact on what contaminants we are exposed to. Soil contamination is especially important in urban vegetable gardens.

Join Mark Taylor and VegeSafe while they help three gardeners learn more about part of their exposomes in their home gardens.

Dust, Particles, and Indoor Air

How much thought do you give to the dust in your home? Dust and other particles in our homes comes from outdoor air, nearby cities and roads, our kitchens, even the systems we use to heat and cool our homes.

This video by the group at IndoorChem will introduce you to the complex history and chemistry of the dust in your home.